Drone Inspections

Next level insights

We simplify difficult, time-consuming and dangerous jobs with our automated drone inspection services. 

Linear asset inspection

Condition monitoring of powerlines, train tracks and other linear assets.

  • AI-enabled detection of vegetation overgrowth and infrastructure faults
  • Data shared direct to customer
  • On-demand and fast mobilisation service
  • Problems identified early, reducing risk of asset downtime

Waterway monitoring

River and waterway inspection and quality monitoring.

  • Automated and scheduled waterway monitoring
  • Live and on-demand sampling for pollutants and quality levels
  • Significantly reduces time and cost of manual testing methods
  • Real-time analytics direct to customers

Real-time surveillance

Security, site inspection and environmental data when you need it. 

  • Monitor the assets that matter most to your organisation
  • On-demand or scheduled business critical data capture
  • AI-enabled monitoring of critical assets
  • Eliminates the need to gain access to assets in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations

Remote ops centre

Our Remote Operations Centres (ROC) are proprietary control and command facilities from where we plan and execute our operations. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including bespoke solutions and partner technologies, our ROCs feed live flight, environment and telemetry data to our pilots.

We have permanent ROCs in the UK and Singapore, as well as mobile and temporary ROCs in each of the countries we operate.