It's better with drones.The world's leading drone airline.


Expert drone deliveries & inspections.

Delivering goods to hard to reach places, and capturing critical business data using automated drones.

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Fast & frequent

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Cost effective

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Drones are our business

We fly drones to save time, reduce emissions and improve access and safety. Our all-electric delivery and inspection services are operational in 13 countries, and we’re working with regulators to open up drone services in new countries. 

A drone for every job

We match our aircraft to our customers’ operational needs to provide a best-in-class service that scales. Small drones. Large drones. Inspection drones. Heavy payload drones. Our drone airline will solve your business challenges.

With you for the whole journey

Our service is end-to-end. We manage every step of your drone journey, drawing on our deep technological, regulatory and operational experience to make your business better with drones.

Your Drone Airline


We mobilise quickly to deliver even when conventional transport stops: day or night, in sun, rain, or fog.

Your Drone Airline


We simplify difficult, time-consuming and dangerous jobs with our automated drone inspection services.