Drone Deliveries

On time, on demand


Our automated drones deliver to hard to reach places, getting your goods where you need them.


We mobilise quickly to deliver even when conventional transport stops: day or night, in sun, rain, or fog.

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Parcels, medicines, lab samples and cash, we can carry up to 150kg of cargo.

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Rural delivery

Move cargo within your supply chain.

  • Secure delivery of high value cargo
  • Where ground-based transportation is poor
  • Optimising your supply chain
  • Faster, cheaper, on-demand

Medical delivery

Critical healthcare cargo between medical facilities.

  • Pathology samples, medicines, medical equipment and more
  • Certified cold chain environment with “dangerous goods” approvals
  • Serving patients when they need it most
  • Optimised patient outcomes through rapid turnaround

Offshore delivery

Delivery of essential cargo to offshore energy assets.

  • Serving oil and gas and windfarm infrastructure
  • Operating even when helicopters cannot
  • Increased asset uptime through just-in-time maintenance
  • Removing people from dangerous environments

Ship to shore delivery

Delivery of high value cargo to and from ships.

  • Cash to master, bunker samples, telemedicine, component delivery
  • Cargo when it’s needed
  • Minimises wait time at anchorage, saving time and money
  • Reduces risk to staff boarding and disembarking ships

Remote ops centre

Our Remote Operations Centres (ROC) are proprietary control and command facilities from where we plan and execute our operations. 

We can fly anywhere in the world from our ROCs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including bespoke solutions and partner technologies, our ROCs feed live flight, environment and telemetry data to our pilots.

We have permanent ROCs in the UK and Singapore, as well as mobile and temporary ROCs in each of the countries we operate.